The first multi-chain Certificate of Deposit.

  • Interest Paid Daily.
  • Very low transaction fees.
  • Multiply holdings over chains.

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First Multi-Chain CD

DAXE is the first multi-chain certificate of deposit launching on BSC, AVAX, PulseChain, Polygon, Solana and more networks.

Interest Paid Daily

Interest for DAXE stakes is paid out daily and comprises of base interest (20% APR), and a long stake interest that rises exponentially over time.

Very low transaction fees

Because DAXE has no fees at all and because DAXE will deploy on chains where transaction cost are cheap, everyone can participate.

Multiply holdings over diff chains

Holders on current DAXE chains get airdrops as we deploy to more chains.


DAXE: the people's certificate of deposit.

When is DAXE going live?

  • Go-Live on BSC will be Nov 21 2021. Check our roadmap for timeline on other networks.

What are the main advantages of DAXE?

  • Allow everyone that has missed the best value growth in HEX to have the opportunity to get similar gains. (HEX on pulse will not give 10,000% returns because HEX has already appreciated so much).
  • Allow small players to participate: small hex purchases and small HEX stakes are priced out right now due to high transaction fees.
  • Holders of DAXE in early networks will be eligible for airdrops on future networks.

What does DAX really do?

  • DAXE is a store of value coin.
  • None of that fancy stuff like ETH, or NFT or governance coins.
  • DAXE is in the same camp as Bitcoin and HEX. They are both store of value.
  • The way Bitcoin gains value is through adoption, same thing with HEX. The difference is that Bitcoin is a proof of work, DAXE is a proof of wait. This means that DAXE rewards go to those who promise to stake (I.e. not sell) and it rewards them exponentially more as time increases.
  • This last bit is important because when you stake, you take coins out of circulation and this contributes to supply shock, in turn growing the value of the coin.
  • You can see the effect of this in the chart of HEX.

Is DAXE a HEX killer?

  • Absolutely not, in fact we love HEX and love @RichardHeart win. 1% of circulating supply of DAXE will be donated to the HEX Origin Address.
    We aim to provide another opportunity for those that missed the beginnings of HEX to take advantage of another Crypto Certificate of Deposit on networks where the little guy isn't priced out.

What is DAXE token allocation?

  • Just like HEX, DAXE will have an Origin Address with a similar allocation to that of the Origin address of HEX. The liquidity for DAXE will be intentionally kept low, we want supply economics to directly benefit holders. Circulating supply of DAX will be 220Bn.

What will the initial Market Cap be?

  • Initial Market Cap will be very small it will not exceed $5,000. This will enable rapid value appreciation and will make sure that those who get it early benefit far more. Just like HEX where those who jumped in early with modest amounts even outdid later whales. All that said, we are not promising anything to anyone. We encourage you to find out why it would be advantageous to participate in a cross-chain Certificate of Deposit, with low initial market cap and low LP, and understand why these are very important.

    Example: From $0.002 to $100 there is 50,000x return. From $10M to $1Bn there is 100x return. So a bigger initial market cap isn't better for early investors.

Will DAXE launch on any other network?

  • Initial networks will be BSC, AVAX, PulseChain, Solana.
    The team is discussing possibility of launching on VLX, Polygon/Matic and ADA. These will be announced. Holders on early networks will be eligible for Airdrops on new networks.

DAXE Power?

  • Locked liquidity for 5555 days.
  • No pre-minting.
  • No referrals programs.
  • NO FEES. (No transaction fees, no reflection fees, or any other fees)


Sacrifice Phase starts.

Sacrifice phase ends


BSC to AVAX Snapshot


AVAX to PulseChain

BSC+AVAX Snapshot for Polygon.

Polygon Go-Live

White Paper & Tokenomics.

DAXE is a true crypto certificate of deposit token on BSC. DAXE tokenomics significantly rewards long term stakers.

20% Base Interest + Bonus for longer stakes

Interest on staked principal is calculated and compounded daily.

Longer stakes receive a base-2 exponentially increasing bonus interest. This interest also compounds daily.

No hidden fees and 3% Deflation On Early Stakes

No tx fees/ no reflexion fees or any other fees.

3% of early unstaked principle is burned.

1% of DAXE circulating supply will be donated to Richard Heart.

Single Coin / No "Shares" Coin

Unlike other coins, DAXE transmits all benefits directly to stakers without an intermediary coin.

No Admin Keys

No admin Keys.

No back door access.

Locked liquidity.

Early Unstake Penalties

Stakes can span from 1 to 5555 days. However, if a stake is ended early it is subject to the following penalties. 1) stakeLength < 50% will result in an 82.5% penalty on stake principle 2) 50% < stakeLength > 100% penalty is proportional to stake time remaining.

Early Unstake Benefits Current Stakers

All penalties computed from emergency/early unstakes are proportionally redistributed to all other stakers' stake.